Nginx is a high-performance and highly scalable web server used by some of the largest websites on the internet.

Lightweight Stack

We’ve trimmed everything down to the essentials for maximum performance.

Global CDN

We automatically distribute your media, CSS, JS, and other static files to 52 edge nodes across the globe.


High-availability, high-performance object caching is built directly into Campaignr and is available to all sites.

100% SSD-Backed

All our infrastructure is backed by SSD drives for top-notch performance.

Tuned MariaDB

We’ve tuned MariaDB for maximum performance and scalability. MariaDB is trusted by Google, Mozilla, and Wikipedia.

DB Optimisation

We regularly carry out network-wide database optimisation to keep your sites running at break neck speed.

Availability & Redundancy


We continually monitor our infrastructure and provision resources based on demand.


Failed instances are automatically detected and resolved in minutes.

Load Balancing

Our DNS and load balancing layers continuously monitor the health of the target servers for optimal performance.

File Mirroring

All files and media uploaded to Campaignr are distributed across multiple devices and multiple facilities across the globe.


TLS/SSL Encryption

Sensitive traffic is encrypted using 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption depending on your browser version.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

Encryption keys are randomly generated and ephemeral. This prevents decryption, even by the NSA.

Web Application Firewall

Traffic is scanned in real time and malicious traffic is blocked before they can reach your website.

DDoS Mitigation

Ensure your websites are protected against DDoS attacks using our mitigation technology.

Crowdsourced Intelligence

We collect real-time intelligence from over one million websites across the internet to improve our security.

Malware Scanning

All websites on our network are scanned for malicious software and checks your URL against Google's safe browsing list.

Password Auditing

We simulate what hackers do to crack weak passwords using our password auditing GPU cluster.

Audit Logs

We maintain detailed audit logs of all high-level network changes. Logs are encrypted and backed-up in multiple locations.